site industriel

Create a new industrial future for the site and its employees

In case of a corporate restructuring, GERIS helps the company in the search of buyers in order to keep the maximum number of jobs on the site within the framework of the Florange French Law even beyond with more support if the company decided.

Using a unique and proven approach from environmental diagnostic and diversification scenarios to prospecting, GERIS enables to enhancing the human and material capital of the site towards to industrial leaders having a viable and sustainable project.

Search for Potential Buyers as part of the Florange law

In case of planned shutdown of an industrial site, we help the company to meet all the obligations of the Florange French Law (Act No 2014-384 of March 29, 2014) in a loyal and responsible manner. According to a unique, rigorous and proven methodology, we carry out all the necessary actions to make successful the search for buyers.

If necessary, we execute this program with our partners Designers and Environment Experts.

Recognized expertise in the turnaround of industrial site

Given the importance of socio-economic issues related to the turnaround of an industrial site, the GERIS’s consultants who are assigned to these missions are very experienced. With the support of our experts, the company can benefit from:

  • Great knowledge in the way in which firms operate
  • Cultural anchoring in the industry world
  • Ability to directly reach the decision makers of large national and international companies
  • Resources needed to implement the mission in a timely manner

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