Transform a legal constraint into an economic opportunity

GERIS evaluates the social and economic impact of the businesses restructuration and helps them to negotiate the agreement with the Government and the social partners. GERIS defines the revitalization measures that drive the economic development of the territory by agreement with the local stakeholders.

In case of Employment Preservation Program (French legal scheme: « Plan de Sauvegarde de l’Emploi » or PSE), the company is subject to the “Social Cohesion” French Law of January 2005.

The job losses related to the restructuring of the company must therefore be offset by the support of SMEs implanted in the same territory and that have growth projects. We identify sustainable job creation projects and analyze them. Then, our consultants support business leaders in their strategy and mobilize the appropriate financial means that are optimized thanks to unparalleled leverage effects.

Our commitments as part of an experienced and complete approach

  • Implement the actions legally required
  • Help the company to negotiate the agreement with the Government and the social partners
  • Support the company in order to keep a citizen and positive image on the territory
  • Federate local stakeholders around the company project in a consistency manner with the territory strategy
  • Identify SMEs with growth project and support them in their business development
  • Mobilize financial resources (grants and cash loans) that are maximized thanks to leverage effects to make successful projects
  • Achieve sustainable job creation objectives through an operational support of managers and rigorous follow-up

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